2019 Buying Guide: Best Vacuum For Stairs Reviews [Updated]

Best Vacuum For StairsIf you are looking for a Best Vacuum For Stairs, I know how desperately you are looking for. Stairs are a tricky crucial place to clean, even with a vacuum cleaner. But these critical tasks will be an easier walk in the park if you pick the right type of vacuum cleaner for stairs, that is made for especially stairs in mind.

But picking the vacuums for stairs can be a harder task than cleaning it, so here are some suggestions to make the task easy.

* Check out the whole stair vacuum selection process here.

Cleaning your home can be messy, but cleaning it using a vacuum cleaner is fairly easy.

Today’s technology is a blessing. It makes our task relatively easier. Vacuum cleaning is a well-highlighted example of that. Cleaning was never better without it.

But this fairly easy cleaning task becomes hard again whenever you try to clean your stairs using typical vacuum cleaners. This is why you should take extra care while choosing the vacuum for stairs. Some consideration like weight, hose length, maneuverability etc. should be taken in mind if you want your vacuum to be the top vacuum for stairs.

It is possible that your stair vacuum may perform lesser in a certain area like carpet cleaning or picking pet hair etc. than other heavier vacuum that is not meant for stairs if you want it cheap. Vacuum companies cut the price there.

There are a lot of vacuum option available out there though, which is strongly capable of doing every sort of cleaning work including stair vacuuming. These vacuums do this by either providing special attachment for stairs or making the cleaning head perfectly suitable for moving on stairs. But they tend to be pricey.

Comparison Table For Top Stair Vacuum Cleaners in 2019

Check out below, the result of our long tiring and substantial analyzation of most of the vacuums of the world. Pick the most suitable stair vacuum among the list. 

Top Five Best Vacuum For Stairs 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

VacFAQs.com always try to help you pick the right vacuum option according to your demand. The comparison chart you have seen above is also an example of that. We have picked these best-rated vacuums for stairs based on different criteria. From pricey-all-doer vacuum to cheap but stair specialist vacuums is picked here.

Let’s dig deep into those. First, determine what you want and then pick the best selling vacuum cleaner for you from these options.

#1 Dyson V6 Origin Cordless Stick Vacuum – Editor’s Pick

The Dyson V6 is always a top choice, no matter what condition you are in.  It is the most versatile vacuuming option in my opinion. It is a very powerful vacuuming machine that can be used everywhere whenever you have cleaning in your mind.

Large or small family, large or small portion of dirt waste, the Dyson V6 is more than capable of cleaning.

So, if you want a vacuum which is the most comfortable to use and the most effective too, The Dyson V6 is undoubtedly the best.

Powerful Features:

  • Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum: The Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner comes with a powerful V6 motor and a great battery. Unlike any other vacuum, the Dyson V6 will serve you with its great suction power for at least 20 minutes. It is 5 minutes more on an average than usual cordless vacuums available in the market.
  • Most Powerful Suction: It spins up to 110,000 times a minute thus being capable of drawing 4 gallons of air every second. That makes the Dyson V6 the most powerful vacuum regarding suction power. That makes it the top vacuum for stairs even if it is carpeted.
  • Most Powerful Motor: Was talking about the Dyson V6 motor. The motor provided with Dyson V6 rotates way faster than any other vacuums equipped with a conventional motor. That makes the Dyson V6 the best price vacuum while you are trying to pick pet hair up from your stairs.
  • All In One Cleaner: The Dyson V6 is a true jack of all trade. It can fulfill all types of your cleaning need. While other vacuum cleaners remain confined to a special type of floor, the Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum cleaner can clean down below to high up and in between everything you have got.
  • Easier To Handle: The Dyson V6 is very lightweight anyway. Moreover, the heavier components like the motor, cyclones and the battery are located near the handle. Scientifically that draws the center of gravity to the easier side. So, the Dyson V6 is more lightweight than it should. Very easy to uphold your Dyson V6 even to upper upholstery, upwards or straight.
  • VERSATILE: The Dyson V6 is versatile. The Dyson V6 can be joined or disjointed very conveniently. It can be adjusted differently for the different environment you are cleaning. There are switches to remove the stick portion with just a click and it will be a handheld vacuum. Options for attaching the attachments to the handheld part is another great feature of the Dyson V6. That makes it the cool vacuum for stairs.
  • Master Cleanser That Leaves Nothing: I have said that the Dyson V6 has a great suction power several times already. Now you can get a hint how strong it is theoretical, It is capable of sucking very little allergen of 0.3 microns. That makes it the greatest cleaner. Moreover, it also ensures a safer environment for you, devoid of allergens. You will be happy to just breathe.
  • Different Cleaning Head For Every type of surface: To achieve the goal of being capable of cleaning every type of surface, there are necessary numbers of attachments and cleaning head is present with the main unit of Dyson V6.
CONS: The dust cup might seem a little bit tiny to you. You may have to empty the dust cup frequently. But I think it more of a pro than con, I don’t like big dust cup personally as they make the vacuum bigger and heavier. And it is a mess to clean up the bigger dust cups.

An all in all vacuum cleaner, our editors pick as the top vacuum for stairs – you will not need another vacuum cleaner.

I have been praising the Dyson V6 for quite a while. Well, the Dyson V6 worth it, man, that is why. Now the question is, is it for you?

Let me get this straight, stick with me. If you want a one and only vacuum for your entire house no matter how big it is, if you want your vacuum a well fit for every surface in between your home, including the stairs –  the Dyson V6 is for you. More importantly, if you want a vacuum solution for quite a long time, the Dyson V6 is there. You won’t be needing another vacuum cleaner for a long time. It is covered with very user-centric warranty too.

“The Dyson V6 is covered with two years of limited warranty. Your Dyson machine is warranted against original defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.”

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#2 Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV302) – Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

Here comes the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light upright vacuum at your service. Usually, upright vacuums are not a wise solution for stairs.

But the system of ripping the top off, and making it a handheld vacuum makes it another smart choice.

It is a proud alternative of Dyson V6, just with the drawback of cord. If you don’t mind tangling cord, you will be getting another all in all vacuum like Dyson V6.

You won’t be bothered about battery life though. In that case no demerit at all.

Check Out Its Remarkable Features Below:

  • Great Suction: It is one of the lightest vacuums of the world. But miraculously it possesses a great suction power too. Clean the carpets!
  • Rocket Technology: Shark engineers re-invented the optimal structure of vacuum cutting every extra weight carrier. No compromise in efficiency, but extra light weight to hold longer. No need to worry about worthless weight carrying while vacuuming, unless you want to build biceps muscle.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The rubberized handle is designed keeping human hand in mind.
  • Easy To Empty Dirt Cup: It is bagless, and the dirt cup is very easy to empty. Just a tip in the switch and it will be empty. Just like that.
  • Convenient Storage Innovation: It can be stored hanging on the wall. As it is a great looking vacuum cleaner, there will be no eye-ache watching it hanging. Moreover, there is a possibility to get laud for its rigid beauty.
  • Lightweight: It is very lightweight. Whenever it comes to comfort, the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright vacuum leave another way behind.
CONS: It is not a great performer for pet hair. Keep it in mind if you are a pet owner.

It is vastly known for its using comfort; you might want to be one of the knowers

The Shark Rocket Ultra HV302 is all about comfort and easement. And you do need comfort while trying to clean stairs. It is the top most priority. So this unique convenience makes the Shark Rocket Ultra (HV302) one of the best vacuums for stairs.

If you are a senior citizen or planning to gift a stair vacuum to your old mom or dad, this is the most perfect choice for you. It will suffocate picking pet hair though.

***UPDATE: A new upgraded version of this vacuum is released recently which is devoid of its limitation.  Like the limitation of picking pet hair up. It is not here. The HV322 is well capable of accumulating pet hair. That is the Shark Rocket TruePet Upright (HV322).***

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#3 Shark Rocket TruePet Corded Ultra-Light Upright (HV322) – Corded alternative of the Dyson V6

The brand new Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright vacuum. A new contestant of being stair vacuum which is another all doer vacuum. The Shark Rocket (HV302) described up above took slight complain about bad performance for pet hair.
So, here the new Shark Rocket (HV322), recovering the limitation, have come out bold. It has just been released and already it has taken a warm reception and very well applaud from its initial users.

Know More In Brief Below:

  • Designed For Pet Hair In Deep Carpeted Surface: Shark Rocket (HV302) is a great vacuum for overall performance but it was a little bit let down for pet hairs in a carpet. So this brand new vacuum from shark is out for recovering this problem permanently and prominently. A true Dyson V6 alternative.
  • Great Suction: It is also one of the lightest vacuums of the world like the HV302. But it has great suction power comparative to another vacuum including the HV302. Clean the carpets even more! Get rid of the pet hairs!
  • Rocket Technology: You might already know about the Rocket Technology. If not, Shark engineers re-invented the optimal structure of vacuum cutting every extra weight carrier. No compromise in efficiency, but extra light weight to hold longer. In the Shark Rocket TruePet HV322, the Rocket Technology is very well implemented. No unnecessary weight to carry
  • Convenient Storage Innovation: It can be stored hanging on the wall. As it is a great looking vacuum cleaner, there will be no eye-ache watching it hanging. Moreover, there is a possibility to be praised for its rigid beauty.
  • Lightweight: It is even more lightweight than the HV302, WoW!. The HV302 was an ever winner whenever it comes to the weight of a vacuum. And now, the HV322 has beaten its ever winning Predecessor. Whenever it comes to comfort, the Shark vacuums are really hard to beat.
CONS: Looks like it is a very solid vacuum cleaner and a very engaged follower of the Dyson V6 and it has also a little dust cup. No other found yet.

The perfect corded alternative of the Dyson V6.

If you want the Dyson V6 but won’t mind cord. It is for you. It will clean all of your house perfectly. It is found greatly well reviewed by its initial owners. If your house contains all type of impediment for vacuuming like tiny carpeted stairs, more than one pet, worry no more. I would suggest you either buy the Dyson V6 or this, the Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright corded vacuum (HV322).

The Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright vacuum (HV322). is covered with huge five years of Shark warranty. Euro-Pro Operating LLC warrants this product to be free from material defects and workmanship for a period of five years from the date of purchase when utilized for normal household use

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#4 Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, 3670G – Corded

Here is a canister option for your stairs. Usually, canister vacuums are not a wise choice for stairs. But this canister vacuum breaks out this normality proudly. It is the cheap canister option for stairs.

So if you like canister vacuums personally, you have no reason to be heartbroken since the Eureka mighty mite is here.

Let the Eureka vacuums come at your service. If you want your vacuum quite charming, and you want it cheap. The Eureka vacuums are the only place to go.

Check out its conveniences and cons below.

Remarkable Features:

  • Suction: The great thing about this vacuum is its suction power. Even it is a canister vacuum.
  • Lightweight and Portability: As it is a canister, you won’t be needing to move it much, but whenever you need to, it is very lightweight. You’re safe.
  • All Types Of Attachment: Crevice tool, brush tool all can be found and it is nicely stored within the unit very strategically. All are stored in that tiny vacuum body.
  • Dual Power Settings With Easy Reach: Efficient dual power settings with easy reach. It is located on top of the cleaning head so easily switch between carpet or hard floor mode.
  • Additional Ports: Additional port allows blowing air flow to shoot leaves and other debris easily.
  • Long cord: It has a long cord (about 20 ft.). You should not be bothered about the cord is short.
CONS: It will suffocate picking large particle.

A lightweight easy maneuver canister vacuum solution for your carpeted home floor, great cheap solution for CARPETED stairs, not for large particles

It has always been a common complaint that upright vacuums are bulky and heavy. Too much stressful. But a well carpet cleaning vacuum is hard to find other than upright vacuum options.
The production of the Eureka mighty mite 3670G is to overcome this paradox. Here I present you the cheapest lightweight solution for carpet.

It is not an upright vacuum though; it is a canister vacuum. But it is made like an upright vacuum cleaner. The hose attached to the main cleaning head is hard structured and you can use it like an upright vacuum. Great benefit! You are using an upright vacuum but you left the weight carrying portion of that upright vacuum aside, in a canister.

So, if you want a cheap vacuum for carpet and won’t mind lacking performance in picking large particle up, this vacuum is for you.

“The Eureka Mighty Mite is covered with 1 year of limited warranty. Your Eureka cleaner is warranted to be free from all defects in material and workmanship in normal household use for a period of one year.”

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#5 Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

Here comes the perfect optimal solution for your stairs. The Eureka easyclean 71b corded handheld vacuum is a very cheap handheld lightweight vacuum. Specially made, only for stairs.

It is not for deep carpet cleaning.

It has relatively stronger suction as it should, regarding the size and power consumption. So if you own carpeted stairs, it is still a strong competitor for the contention of being the perfect vacuum cleaner for stairs.

Remarkable Features:

  • Stronger Suction: Since it is a very cheap, lightweight, handheld vacuum; it has very good suction power. More than required to clean stairs.
  • Stairs Are its Specialty: It is specially designed for stairs. It might not be a wise choice for deep carpeted surface. But while cleaning the stairs, it is the best cheap solution. Especially the edges and the slopes.
  • Very Lightweight: It weighs only 4.8 pounds, like your Macbook. See? Told you that it is the perfect vacuum for stairs. All priorities anyone want to clean stairs without stress and with comfort is here.
  • Long Cord: If you buy a corded vacuum cleaner for stairs, it must not be the one with the shorter cord. The Eureka easy clean 71b comes with a good quality 20 feet long cord. Great for stairs.
  • Compact in Size, Portable: After finishing your vacuuming, you can just twist the cord very easily, and store it anywhere. It is very much portable.
  • Two Motors: Saying about stronger suction. Let’s dig deep why. There are two motors in this tiny Eureka 71B handheld corded vacuum. One used for revolving brush, another is dedicated to power the suction. That is why.

A powerful cheap handheld vacuum cleaner, compact in size. Made for stairs, not for the deeply carpeted surface.

It is the cheapest vacuum that has all necessary quality to clean stairs completely. It is engineered quite precisely for stairs. Lower frontal part for upper part of stairs, front facing part of the slope of stairs. A great solution for stairs.

“The Eureka 71B is covered with 1 year of limited warranty. Your Eureka cleaner is warranted to be free from all defects in material and workmanship in normal household use for a period of one year.”

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How I Choose The Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs – (Must Read)


I have personally figured out certain special requirements that is needed while cleaning stairs. I suggested based on the great performance over these requirements. The Here they are,

“Dyson V6 Premium Cordless Vacuum and the Shark TruePet Ultra-Light upright are very well fit for stairs and covers all the requirements below very well. Buy one of these two if you want all convenience described below”
WeightRelatively Little StainsPet HairEdge CleaningPet Hair On EdgesDifferent Carpet SizeHuman BalanceNecessity To Be Bend
Must have to be lightweight. It is very difficult to move around a heavy vacuum cleaner and since stairs are typically a congested place, you know what are the consequences whenever you try to clean your stairs with a heavy vacuum cleaner.

Eureka 71b or mighty mite will cover this aspect aside from Dyson V6 and Shark Rocket Ultra HV322

As a single step of stairs occupies little space, the stains tend to be put onto it is little too. But little stains cannot be left as it is, so the vacuum for stairs must be capable of cleaning little stains.

Use crevice tool effectively to be benefited on this aspect.

Pet hair or even your hair, is always a problem and usually, vacuums suffocate picking hair up. It becomes harder to picked up while it stays on stairs. Vacuums without rotating brush cannot suck hair effectively.

So, if you have pet and are really looking for a grand vacuum for stairs, it has to have a rotating brush.

Eureka 71b will cover this aspect aside from Dyson V6 and Shark Rocket Ultra HV322

Stairs consist of two portions, the slope part and the footrest. They both are little space occupying and it will need the effort to clean. But the real problem occurs whenever you need to clean the junction of these two. Cleaning the edges is the real difficulty here. So you must have to pick the right vacuum for stairs which is well capable of cleaning edges. Any vacuum with crevice tool will do to ease this section.

Use crevice tool effectively to be benefitted on this aspect.

Well, two too bad things get together here. Imagine what it’d happen when your pet’s hair gets stuck at the edge. So as a pet owner, now you need a vacuum that is capable of picking pet hair up effectively at the edges. So it needs to have a thin-edged bristle or cleaning head to clean stair edges effectively.

Unlike the Dyson V6, if your vacuum cleaner does not have thin-edged bristle and rotating brush in the cleaning head, Use crevice tool effectively to be benefitted on this aspect. But your vacuum cleaner has to have great suction power here.

If you have hard floored stairs, you may skip this portion. But if you have carpeted stairs in your house, the carpet thickness is a fact here. Regular portable vacuums lack in suction power resulting ineffectiveness in cleaning deep carpet. They are well capable off cleaning thin carpeted stairs though.

But a thick carpeted stair requires a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power. But it is likely to cost more for a portable vacuum with much stronger suction power. Choose wise. Dyson V6 is a great option for thick carpeted stairs.

It is hard to find any other than the Dyson V6 or the Shark Rocket HV322 regarding this aspect. If you don’t have any pet, then the Shark Rocket Ultra (HV302) will do great here.

Here is the most important part of stair vacuuming. It can be dangerous if you slip while vacuuming stairs. Safety is always first. So it is a mandatory consideration when buying a great vacuum for stairs. To satisfy the safety precaution, the vacuum should be lightweight- no matter what type of vacuum that is. If that is a canister vacuum, make sure that the hose is long.

If that is a corded vacuum, make sure that the cord is long enough to cover the top most stair footrest if the socket is situated below.

Any lightweight vacuum is required here. The Dyson V6 and The Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Lightweight vacuum (HV322) is very lightweight.

This requirement is needed for the senior citizens. With age, it is a problem to bend waist. So it is great for them if they can vacuum standing, without bending their waist.

If the vacuum cleaner is short in length, the person cleaning the stairs will have to bend much than usual and it is big problem for senior citizens. Read more about how to buy stair vacuum cleaner.

So, to get rid of this drawback, stick stair vacuum is a proper choice.

As I started, stairs are very tricky place to clean. It can be dangerous too. I have tried my best and worked hard here to assist you on cleaning stairs. It will be a pleasure if you get benefited from it. Let me know.

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