Dyson V6 vs DC59 – Who Deserves The Trophy

Dyson v6 vs dc59

Dyson V6 makes a grand entry in the vacuum cleaner market, to be an alternative option for DC59. But if we look behind, we can see that Dyson has made some amazing change in their V6.




Before making your mind to buy a vacuum cleaner, read our Dyson V6 vs DC59 review and comparison manual.

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Dyson V6 vs DC59 ­– Dyson Comparison Guide In 2019

Introducing The Dyson DC59 :


Dyson DC59 came into the market in 2012. DC59 is a recharging cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It has a feature to convert into a handheld. And it’s the signature feature of a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Features  Dyson DC59
Vacuum Cleaner Suction Power 28/100   a/w
The weight of Vacuum Cleaner 4.6 pound
Bin Holding Capacity 0.12 gal
Type of Cleaner Head Carbon Fiber
Vacuum Cleaner Length 47.8”
Run Time (Regularly) 26 minutes (6 min on boost)
Warranty 2 years
Cleaning Path 9.8 Inches
Charging Time 3.5 hours

DC59 has Dyson signature mark cyclone technology. 15 cyclones arranged in 2 tiers.

There are some changes in DC59 Motorhead, like expansion wand, a crevice tool & a combination tool. A motor has placed in the brush bar for enhanced performance.

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Introducing The Dyson V6:

Dyson v6 variants
Credit: blog.mchardyvac.com

The Dyson V6 makes his entry on the market in 2014. Dyson V6 is also a cordless stick vacuum that also uses Cyclone technology.

Vacuum Cleaner Model Dyson V6
Dimensions 250mm by 1207mm by 208mm
Bin Holding Capacity 0.4 liter
Vacuum Cleaner Type Cordless Plus Handheld
Waste Holdings Bagless
Good For Carpet and Hard Floor
Tube Type Telescopic
Charge Time 3h30m
Accessories Come with Vacuum Cleaner Cleaner head is a soft roller, Cleaner head is motorized, Mini motorized tool, Rigid Crevice tool, Extension tube,  Combination tool,  Docking station
Run Time 20 minute (regular)
Filters Type Pre-Filter
Weight 2.3kg

Soft roller cleaner head firstly introduced by Dyson in V6. The cleaner head shows surprising result on the hard floor. There are 10 variants of Dyson V6 and all of them have motorized or direct drive cleaner heads.

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To be fair, Dyson DC59 and V6 have more similarities than dissimilarities.

To help you take a better decision, we will learn about the similarities first.


Power System: Dc59 Vs V6?

Both V6 & DC59 run Dyson digital motor. But V6 digital motor is more advanced than earlier Dyson models contained.

*Maximum output – 100 air watts.

*Normal output – up to 28 air watts.

Winner: V6 or DC59? Bin Capacity and Cleaning System:

Dyson V6 Bin

Bin capacity of both models is 0.12 gallons. These models have bigger bin capacity than earlier Dyson models. Although it still proves to be insufficient every now and then.

The bin cleaning system of Dyson is very simple and hygienic. And this feature makes up the bin capacity problem.

Just need to put the dust cup over a trash can and one push of the button. Amazingly the job is done. No physical contact with the wastage in needed.

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Power Setting System:

Both models have toggle switches to choose the power setting. It can help you to choose in which power setting you wish to clean. There are two power setting modes.

  1. Normal suction mode
  2. Boost mode

Normal suction mood provides soft and smooth suction. This mood good for bare floors.  This power setting will help you to prevent any damage.

Boost mode provides the max suction power. Good for carpet or stubborn debris. This mood helps you to save time.

Battery Power, Charging System, and Runtime:

Dyson charging system

Dyson V6 & DC59 both have the Nickel Manganese Cobalt Battery. It is different from their previous model batteries. And the run time of these both model is pretty much same.

20 minute is the normal setting runtime but if you add additional motorized tools than the runtime reduces into 16 minutes.

On the other hand in a max cleaning mood, these vacuum cleaners provide 6 minutes of suction.

And both models need 3.5 hours for fully charged.

To be judgmental the runtime is not very impressive we must say.

Additional tools:

Both models have a set of common tools-

  1. The combination tool
  2. Crevice tool
  3. Extension tool

The combination tool helps a combination two different brush types into a single tool for cleaning jobs that require greater versatility.

The crevice tool helps to clean tight spot. Like house corner, under and behind furniture. Usually for those spots where hard to reach and clean.

And the extension wand explains itself.

Both cleaners offer a docking station that only used for charges the battery but also stores these tools.


Before getting to know the New features brought in the Dyson V6, let’s compare the price first here.


What’s New in Dyson V6:

Besides those similarities, there are some improvements in Dyson V6. Here are some:

  1. HEPA Filtration
  2. Wide Cleaning Path
  3. Direct Drive Cleaner Head
  4. Suction Never Fade
  5. Mini Motorized Tool
  6. Soft Roller Cleaner Head

HEPA Filtration is a post-motor filter which is found in Dyson V6. Hyper-Efficient Particular Air Filters capture the tiniest dust particles and remove allergens from the air you breathe. For the people who have allergies or a high sensitivity to air, HEPA Filtered vacuum cleaner would be the best option for them.The earlier Dyson Dc59 surely lacks this feature and as mentioned above, the HEPA filtration is, of course, contains importance for some and obviously, it is a lacking of Dyson DC59 from the Dyson V6. And in my opinion, it is a big dissimilarity between these two.

DC59 has also washable filters that supposed to be last lifetime. But these filters are not HEPA. In the V6 these filters are HEPA and these are washable, lifetime filters as well.

One more thing about Dyson V6, I do not need to open dust cup to access to the filter. And that’s a wonderful feature of V6.

Wide Cleaning Path that’s another thing V6 offers you. It has a wider cleaning path than DC59. It can cover more surface area and pick up more with the same number of sweeps than the DC59.

If you looking for to save your valuable time, wide cleaning path of Dyson V6 will be the best option for you.

Direct Drive Cleaner Head feature include in both DC59 & V6 vacuum cleaner. Dyson got inspired from DC59 and made changes in V6. All the V6 variants featured the Direct Drive Cleaner Head brush. The V6 cord-free has motorized head and motorized head did sufficient vacuuming on all surface.

Suction never fades throughout the entirety of its runtime. And it’s found to be true. Comparison with another vacuum cleaner Dyson V6 suction power last longer than other. Generally, when battery power drains, vacuum cleaner loses the suction power as well. When we examine the Dyson V6, the result was wonderful. Suction power was good from the beginning to the end of the vacuuming session.

Mini Motorized tool was included in an only Animal variant of the DC59 vacuum cleaner. But in V6 many variants have this tool. Carpets, upholsteries, stair, cat seat this tool did an amazing job. It digs the way well and picks up fine dust and hair. If you have pets in your home Dyson V6 would be the best option for you.

Soft Roller Cleaner Head this is the new feature in V6. DC59 doesn’t have this feature. This is a brush roll made from really soft materials. Tiles, laminates, bare and hardwood floor, bare floors are the best option to clean with soft roller cleaner head. Never leave a scratch on the floor. In my opinion, the soft roller cleaner head is another best feature of Dyson V6.

Have problems with soft materials and floor, don’t worry Dyson V6 is here.

What Should I Buy? 

In V6, Dyson took their best feature from their earlier model. DC59 was their popular model all of their vacuum cleaner. They remove the flaws of DC59 in their V6 model. And Dyson V6 won the customer’s heart.

Everyone has to admit that Dyson V6 is the most popular entry-level vacuum cleaner in the market. So we can easily say that Dyson V6 is their best model in the vacuum cleaner market. We definitely and strongly recommended the Dyson V6 over the DC59. And your next vacuum cleaner should be Dyson V6.

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