Reviews: MIELE C1 vs C2 vs C3 – What are The Difference? 2022 Updated

This is a comparison of MIELE C1, C2, and C3 lines, so that you can decide which is the best option for you.

Miele has a great reputation. They are known for building some of the most high-quality, long-lasting vacuum cleaners. There are many available models – uprights, stick vacuums, lightweight models, and robot models. This means that you have a lot of options.

You should consider which style of vacuum is the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. For example, if you are a busy person, or if you are not fond of chores, you might want to consider the robot models, which do all the work for you. You can set up a cleaning schedule, and the machine will follow it all by itself. But there are many other types to consider, too.

The Miele canister vacuum is their most iconic model, which had started the revolution in the vacuum cleaner industry years ago. This is the style we will consider here.

Miele has many models, and every model has its own role. Some of the common features of Miele canister vacuum cleaners are that they are all long-lasting, durable, efficient, user-friendly, well designed, and visually attractive.

So the big question is which one is the best fit for your home?

We are going to compare Miele’s best C1, C2, and C3 canister vacuums. We hope that you will find this discussion useful.

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MIELE C1 vs C2 vs C3 – A Buyer’s Guide in 2019

Miele c1 vs c2 vs c3

Miele C1- The Classic Series:

C1 is the original Miele vacuum with no bells and whistles. But its high efficiency and sturdy construction make it stand out on the vacuum cleaner market.


Picture: Compact C1 Pure Suction, TurboTeam, and Homecare PowerCare PowrLine Canister

Model of Vacuum Cleaner Miele C1
Motor Miele’s 1200 watt Vortex Motor
Cleaning Head Straight-suction
Filter SF-HA30 HEPA Air Clean Filters
Dimension Height- 18.2 Inches & Width- 11 Inches
Weight 16.1 pounds
Cord Type with Cord and One-Touch Cord Rewind
Cord Length 18 Foot
Hose 5 Foot
Dust bags Multi-layer
Dust bags capacity 3.5 Liters
Noise Level 57 to 79 decibels
Accessories upholstery tool, a Vario  Clip caddy, a crevice nozzle, and a dusting brush
Ideal for Bare Floor

The clamshell design of Miele C1 makes it easy to access the filter chamber and dust bag. All control buttons are in one place. The vacuum is easy to operate.

Miele C1 models:

  1. Olympus
  2. Capri
  3. Delphi
  4. Titan

All of them are good for hard flooring, area rugs, or soft, medium pile carpeting.

What makes C1 so popular is, of course, its powerful suction, great cleaning efficiency, and durable construction. And definitely its affordable pricing, too.


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Miele C2 – The Compact Series:

These vacuums are smaller than C1 vacuums. You should definitely consider them if you are short on storage space. If you live in a multi-story home, you might also find it easier to transport these from room to room.

C2 vacuums are also equipped with HEPA filters. This is great for people who have asthma or allergies, or for households with pets.

miele c2 compact series Picture: Miele Compact C2 Series

Model of Vacuum Cleaner Miele C2
Motor Miele 1200 watt Vortex Motor
Filter HEPA Filtration
Exhaust Filter Airclean Filter
Dimensions Height- 9 inches, Width- 9.6 inches
Weight 18.74lbs
Suction Tube Stainless steel telescopic tube
Dust Bag Capacity 4.5 liter
Cable Length 6.5 meter
Covering Radius 33 foot
Cord Type With cord and one-touch cord rewind
Accessories upholstery tool, a Vario  Clip caddy, a crevice nozzle, and a dusting brush
Ideal For Large area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, and bare floors

Smaller, more compact body size makes Miele C2 more popular with some users. Its air filtration system is also world-class. C2 was designed as a hard floor vacuum cleaner, but it also works well on lower pile carpets.

Miele C2 models,

  1. Quartz
  2. Onyx
  3. Topaz
  4. Jasper

All of them are good for hard floor and short/medium pile carpeting. And as we said before, the compact size is extremely convenient

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We found another listing for the Miele C2 vacuum cleaner, where you can get some additional attachments. Check out the link below.



Miele C3 – The Complete Version

Miele C3 is the most versatile version. This is Miele’s largest and most powerful vacuum cleaner.

miele c3 complete series

Picture: Miele Complete C3 Canisters

Model of Vacuum Cleaner Miele C3
Motor Miele 1200 watt Vortex Motor
Filter HEPA Filtration
Weight 12 pounds
Type of Cleaner Canister
Noise Level 72 DB
Cord Type With cord and one-touch cord rewind
Length of Cord 25 feet
Dust Bag Capacity 1.19 gallons
Accessories upholstery tool, a Vario  Clip caddy, a crevice nozzle, and a dusting brush
Ideal For Multi-surface

Miele vacuum cleaners are known for being durable and long-lasting. The extensions on C3 are metal, not plastic. This vacuum feels very sturdy. You can expect it to last at least 15 years.

Miele C3 models,

  1. Alize
  2. Brilliant
  3. Calima
  4. Cat & Dog
  5. HomeCare
  6. HomeCare+
  7. Kona
  8. Limited Edition
  9. Marin

Miele C3 has multi-surface cleaning capacity. No matter what your needs are, you can’t go wrong with a C3.


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Here’s also another listing with some useful additional add-ons, and the color is just fantastic. We like this one very much.

Miele C3 with attachment

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Miele has some common things in these three versions:

A common feature of all Miele vacuums is its “compact system”. If you have a relatively small house, then Miele can save you a lot of space. All of their models have this space-saving design.

Long cord getting in your way? Miele has a “one-touch cord rewind” feature to help you keep the cord out of your way.

“Comfort handle”: This ergonomic handle is designed to reduce pressure, so that you can be comfortable during long cleaning sessions.

Now we are going to compare these three models at some point:

1. Adjustable Suction of Vacuum Cleaner:

All these models have a 1200 watt Vortex motor with 6 suction speeds, optimized for different surfaces. So you can adjust suction depending on what you’re cleaning.

In C1 and C2, you can adjust suction with a dial knob on the body of the vacuum. In C3, the adjustment is done with foot pedals.

So you can decide which one is more comfortable for you.

2. Dual Floor Heads of Vacuum Cleaner:

All three models come with two cleaning heads, appropriate for different floor types, which give you plenty of versatility.

Miele C1 has two heads:

*The Turbo Comfort Floor Head

*The Parquet Twister Nozzle

Turbo Comfort is good for low-pile and medium-pile carpet. The Parquet Twister is suitable for hard floors.

But Miele C2 and C3 come with Extra-Wide and Five Height Adjustable floor heads. The Five Height head is good for plush carpeting. So between these two heads, you can clean all types of floor.

So when it comes to dealing with carpet, C2 and C3 are a step ahead of C1.

3.Telescopic Above-Floor Reach:

You probably want your whole house to be clean, not just the floor. To help you clean your house from top to bottom, Miele has equipped all these vacuums with a stretchy, durable hose and a telescopic wand. This makes it easy to reach the walls and ceilings.

The wand is very sturdy and made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about dents.

Also, with all three models, you will get three great accessories:

  1. A dusting brush
  2. An upholstery tool
  3. A crevice nozzle

With C1 and C2 you will get a VarioClip, which is a handy accessory designed to hold these three attachments so they’re always on hand. As a replacement of VarioClip, Miele C3 has an onboard caddy with a hinged lid.

So in this category, we can say that Miele C1, C2, and C3 are pretty much even.

4. Vacuum radius:

All Miele vacuums come with a long cord so that you can get a wider vacuum radius.

  • Miele C1 cleaning radius: almost 29 feet
  • Miele C2 cleaning radius: almost 33.5 feet
  • Miele C3 cleaning radius: almost 36.5 feet

The cord is also easily retractable with a single push of the automatic cord rewind button. So you can adjust the cord length to whatever is convenient.

All of these have a good vacuum radius, but C3 is the largest.

5. Light and Portable:

All Miele vacuums are lightweight, and it’s very easy to carry them from place to place.

  • Miele C1 – 13 pounds
  • Miele C2 – 14.5 pounds
  • Miele C3 – 15 pounds

All three models also roll smoothly. Instead of four wheels, Miele vacuums have one pair of wheels and one pair of casters. This ensures smooth movements and 360-degree turns. The rubberized texture on the wheels leaves no marks on the floor.

So all three models are easy to move around your house.

The handle configuration is different between the models. Miele C1 has an angled handle for wrist comfort. But C2 and C3 have a handle over the wand connector, which also feels very comfortable.

Again, it’s a tie between the three models.

6. Filtration System Totally Sealed:

Are you someone who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty? Are you afraid of replacing the dust bag in your vacuum? Or perhaps have dust allergies. Don’t worry… Miele has taken care of these problems. In all these models, the dust bag is completely sealed. The bag comes with an auto-seal opening, which instantly closes when the bag is inserted into the vacuum cleaner or removed. So the dust stays inside the bag and can never come out. The bag also has nine protective layers, ensuring that it can’t rupture.

Dust bag capacity is slightly different between these three models.

  • Miele C1 – 0.9 gallons
  • Miele C2 – 1.2 gallons
  • Miele C3 – 1.2 gallons

In terms of the filtration system, each Miele vacuum has three filters:

  1. A motor-protection filter: traps large particles that could clog the motor.
  2. An exhaust filter: filters the air that exits the vacuum.
  3. The AirClean HEPA filter: captures 99.99 percent of allergens.

These filters have a 50-hour lifetime. After that time, they should be replaced. An indicator light will warn you when it’s time to replace the filters.

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Deciding Which to Buy:

It’s hard to say which vacuum is the best. All three models have advantages, and all of them are very high quality. You need to consider your own needs and preferences. This is what we can say in conclusion:

  • If you have mostly hard floors and are looking for a lightweight vacuum, we suggest Miele C1
  • If you have mostly hard floors and a bit of carpeting or rugs, and are looking for a more compact size, we suggest Miele C2
  • And if you have a lot of carpeting and need maximum power, Miele C3 is the model for you.


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