7 Surprising Uses Of Your Vacuum Cleaner That You Didn’t Know

Surprising Uses Of Your Vacuum Cleaner

If you own a vacuum cleaner, you know that it is an essential home appliance for the obvious reasons.  But did you know it can be helpful in many different ways besides picking up debris off of the floor?

Whether you are a new bee or a pro in vacuuming, you would want to know these 7 vacuum cleaner life hacks to get the most out of your purchase.

Some of these may blow your mind. #5 is our favorite.

Watch out for the bonus tips!

7 Surprising Uses Of Your Vacuum Cleaner


1. Keep Allergens from Entering your Home


Vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters in them do pull the allergens from the air around your house. But air shifts rather quickly and we are not talking about that.

Even if your vacuum cleaner does not have HEPA filters, it can be used to keep allergens out.

Have you ever noticed how dirty your window screens and jambs can get? Allergens gather on your window sills and get inside with the nice, cool breezes that you enjoy so much.

If you have an allergic person at home and also want to open your windows every once in a while, what do you do?

That is where you vacuum cleaner comes to the rescue. Vacuum along the trims, sills and edges of your windows and doors. It’s a quick job. It will not only reduce the incoming of allergens in your home but also leave them looking way cleaner.


2.Catch Bugs


We can’t say that sometimes bugs are not absolutely terrifying. Even ants can come with a handsome portion of their clan to invade your house. Or worse, if an unfriendly bug flies or walks into your house, you would want to get them out.

Your vacuum cleaner allows you to catch bugs from a comfortable distance. If you too do not like the idea of touching one, like most of us, you will be grateful.

Bonus: If you pet has caught fleas that are spreading to the carpet and upholsteries, a vacuum cleaner can catch them too, with a 100% success rate!


3. Have your Home Smell Good

smells good

Are there guests coming over and you have run out of air freshener? Your vacuum cleaner can aid you in making your home smell great and inviting.

Dip a cotton ball in a fragrance of your choosing and put it in the bag inside your vacuum cleaner. Now as you vacuum around the house, it will not only look great but also smell fresh as ever.

Bonus: You can also use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of unpleasant odor from pillows and mattresses. Sprinkle some baking soda on the plush object and let it sink in for about half an hour. Vacuum it later to get rid of any stink and stains.


4. Clean Kitchen Appliances

Cleaning kitchen appliances is a hard enough job as it is. But if you already have a lot on your plate(pun intended), let your vacuum cleaner do a quick but impressive job.

Your refrigerator, toaster, stove and oven can have little crumbs of food scattered under and inside them. If you have not cleaned them in a while, the crumbs decompose and get stickier.

Cleaning them manually will require you to take them apart and put them together again. Use your vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool to reach those tough spots and quickly remove tiny crumbs. Just make sure the appliance you’re vacuuming is not heated.

Bonus: The cabinets and walls of your kitchen AND bathroom can have gooey layers of dirt too. Get rid of them with a quick swipe of the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Tip: Use a cardboard toilet paper roll as a moldable extension to reach really narrow spots.


5. Groom your Pet


Every pet owner with a vacuum cleaner knows how much fur a pet can shed around the house. Instead of vacuuming the whole house to pick up scattered pet fur, you can use the vacuum cleaner to groom your pet.

But first, make sure your cat or dog is comfortable with it. Some pets love it as it feels like a massage and soothes them. Have you watched those grooming dogs with a vacuum cleaner videos on YouTube? They are adorable and hilarious!


6. Clean a Keyboard


We are all guilty of sometimes eating in front of the computer and spilling food crumbs on to the keyboard that get lost in the pit of darkness.

You’ll be surprised to find out what has gathered inside your keyboard over the years.

Use your vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool to suck loose crumbs out of the keyboard. Polish around the keys afterwards with rubbing alcohol to have them look shiny as new.


7. Clean Books

clean books with a vacuum

If you have a bookshelf in your house, you know how books catch dust just by sitting on the shelf. Old books are like magnets to allergens. They find their way into the cracks between the pages and covers of your books and get cozy.

You want to get rid of those dust and allergens, all the while keeping your precious books in one piece.

Handheld vacuums are the best for this job. You want to use a soft brush attachment and a suction mode on the gentler side to clean your books.



Bonus Life Hack – Find Lost Items!

find lost items with a vacuum cleaner

You are familiar with tiny objects that get lost no matter how hard you try to keep them in one place, right? Earrings, pins, stones, rings, buttons or even money – we all have lost those.

With a simple vacuum cleaner trick, you can revive lost items! Grab a piece of tights and cover the open end of the vacuum cleaner’s hose with it. Use a rubber band to make sure it stays put.

Now vacuum where you think you lost them. Run it under the bed, between cushions or on the carpets and stairs. Your vacuum cleaner will pull it out and the tights will keep it from getting devoured!


To Wrap it up

The purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to reduce manual labor, save time and make our lives easier. Our vacuum cleaners do just that but in many different ways. Know your device, understand the science behind it and get creative.

We would love to hear your experience with trying out these life hacks. We sure hope you had fun with these.
Do you have some vacuum cleaner tricks of your own? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Happy vacuuming, fellas!

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