5 Tips To Vacuum Pet Hair In Your Carpet

You should know the agony of removing pet fur that has been embedded in your carpet if you’re a fur-parent. This kind of instance is normal in homes where pets like cats and dogs are considered part of the family. It is one of those small home discomforts that one learns to embrace the moment he or she decides to get a pet with a fur.

Pet hair that has been buried deep in your mats and rugs and carpets are kind of tricky to take out, and that job doesn’t come easy. While there are a lot of available options for you to do so you can completely get rid of those furs, a vacuum cleaner always comes in handy when dealing with such inconveniences. Keep reading below as we have listed 5 life changing tips that can remove pet hair in your carpet using vacuum once and for all.

5 Tips To Vacuum Pet Hair In Your Carpet

01. Determine the type of material that makes up your carpet.

There are a lot of different materials that can be used in manufacturing carpets. Some are made of synthetic fibers and some are rubbers. Shag carpets for example are made out of shag fabric that comes in piles over piles, making it look shaggy.

These types of carpets stock pet fur easily and might need a carpet cleaning vacuum in order for it to be completely cleaned up, while some others might only require you to gently scrape the surfaces with pumice and all those pet hair will gather on it right away.

However, if you want to easily and effectively remove pet fur from your carpet, it is strongly suggested that you consider using a carpet cleaning vacuum to use.

02. Find the right type of vacuum to use in removing pet hair from your carpet. 

A vacuum is a device that can be used to clean surfaces free from lint, fur, dust and the like. This type of home appliance comes in different models and brands, and they also may differ in purposes. Finding the right type of vacuum for your carpet maybe a little confusing at times, but you surely would be more than satisfied if you use the right type of vacuum in removing pet hair from your carpet.

For example, a Cordless vacuum can be the most versatile type of vacuum to use in removing fur in carpets as you can easily use them even in hard to reach areas. Other vacuum types like stair vacuums are perfect for those carpeted staircases where your pets may leave traces of fur.

However, The right type of vacuum depends on the type of carpet that you use, and it is your preference which to pick. Also, you might want to consider getting a vacuum that is specially designed for fur picking. There are a lot of this type available in the market, all you have to do is look.

03. Consider getting a pet hair vacuum if you have extra budget.

As we have mentioned in the second point, there is a specific type of vacuum that is ergonomically designed for removing pet hair in your carpet and this is called a pet hair vacuum. This kind of vacuum may be a little more pricier compared to a cheap vacuum that won’t completely clean your carpet so if you have some few bucks to spare, then you definitely should get a pet hair vacuum in order for you to get rid of all the pet hair in your carpet easily.

They can also be used in tile floors, too. Pet hair vacuums are available in home stores or online. The difference between this kind of vacuum to the common home vacuums that we know is that pet vacuums carry rotating brushes that is best in picking up pet hair. Apart from that, it also would normally come with a sanitation filter that instantly sanitizes the area you clean so your pets are safe from microbes and germs.

04. Going twice will do the trick!

Just like how you clean your usual stuff at home with a common vacuum, it is best to go on each area section of your carpet twice, so you’re sure that are are no fur left on the carpet. Also, remember to do vacuuming in alternate directions so you can easily loosen pet hair that has been buried deep in your carpet and when they’re loose enough, they will be suctioned by the vacuum, leaving your carpet or rug fur-free.

05. Spray on some home freshener after vacuuming your carpet.

Lastly, don’t forget to spray some bacteria-killing home freshener after vacuuming your carpet, this will help you reduce the foul smell of the rug or mat or carpet brought about by the piles of pet hair and dust and other dirt particles that may have accumulated in them. 

If you love cats or dogs or both so much, chances are, you own one or two or a lot of them and might definitely be wishing that you own a leather or synthetic couch instead of ones made with fabric.

We also believe that one of the little inconveniences of life that you have learned to love is those fur or pet hair on your carpet and how they are annoyingly stuck in almost everything at home.

Cleaning up this beautiful kind of mess can be a little tough sometimes and you would need a nice vacuum cleaner to do the cleaning for you. All you need to do is decide what vacuum to pick, read articles about cleaning up your carpet using a vacuum and you’re good to go.

Not only that you’re keeping your house or home clean, but you also show your pet that you care about them by keeping their environment clean.

The job won’t be easy to do, and can sometimes be so stressful but don’t you worry, remember, the tips you’ve read in this article when followed religiously can lessen the burden of being a fur parent to fur babies, most especially when they are on their shedding season.

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  1. My family is coming over for dinner soon and I want to make sure that my carpets look nice. We have a dog and cat that shed constantly and leave hair everywhere. I’ll try to take your advice and do two-pass overs to get all that hair up, then hire professionals to get the rest.

  2. I appreciate you helping me to understand that I need to use the right kind of vacuum for my carpet when trying to remove pet hair. In the past couple of weeks, my dog has started shedding a lot and I am worried that my carpets are starting to get saturated with hair. I think it would be best for me to hire a professional cleaning service to help me do some cleaning.


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